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Grappa & Liquors

Grappa & Liquors

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An intense and decisive taste, with a centuries-old history behind it, during which it has conquered artists, poets and writers.


Handmade liqueur obtained from the infusion of mandarin peel in alcohol, ideal to be enjoyed at the end of a meal.


Grappa obtained from the distillation of Brunello grape pomace, characterized by an elegant and fruity fragrance and a dry and velvety taste, of great structure


Crystalline grappa with a dry and pleasant taste, obtained from Chianti Classico pomace, characterized by a scent of violets and berries.


Handmade liqueur obtained with traditional methods, using only milk, alcohol, cocoa and sugar. Perfect to serve with dessert, it is also an ideal ingredient for tasty recipes.


Grappa produced in a limited quantity, which arises from the pomace of fine grapes, by means of a continuous distillation process in copper stills. The long aging in French oak barrels softens the flavor, giving it the characteristic color gold and an intense and persistent aroma.


Natural liquor obtained by the infusion of lemon peel in alcohol; to be served at room temperature, or cold in the hottest days.


Liquor obtained from the homogenization dela pear picciola, typical of Monte Amiata, combined with peels and orange juice. Ideal to combine with desserts such as sponge cake, perfect as an ingredient for tasty long drinks.