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Wine Accessories

Wine Accessories

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Ergonomic and extensible Corkscrew. Thanks to the double lever, allows to extract the cap in two times, without risking to damage.


Decanter with a modern and elegant design, made of blown crystal, whose wide and bevelled mouth facilitates the oxygenation of the Wine and its serving.


Blown crystal decanter with a modern and exclusive design, whose long, narrow neck, as well as facilitate easy grip, prevents the rapid dispersion of the bouquet of the Wine.


Corkscrew finished by hand with natural wood inserts, allows to extract without effort the cap in two times, without the risk of damaging it.


Practical and simple to use, to keep it in the freezer, the Pulltex chiller is able to keep Wine and champagne at the ideal serving temperature.


Spaciale cap equipped with a circulation pump able to remove the air from the bottle, preventing the Wine in contact with oxygen, it oxides, with consequent alteration of its organoleptic characteristics.