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Selection of three boxes of pasta produced with biological drawn to the bronze flour, crushed stone and dried slowly at low temperature, according to traditional methods. Its natural porosity makes it perfect for absorbing any kind of seasoning.


Extra virgin olive Oil and balsamic dressing flavored with fresh truffle, ideal for flavoring first and second courses and prepare tasty bruschetta.


Bowl and cutlery for salad made by Tuscan craftsmen using only olive wood, precious material and extremely resistant, with a characteristic honey-colored path from natural grain able to make every single artifact.


Selection of three chutneys with organic ingredients, treated with traditional methods, without the use of colorings or preservatives. Ideal with all types of cheese, fresh or seasoned.


Selection of three classic meat sauce Tuscan dishes, prepared with high-quality meats, olive Oil, vegetables and tomato pulp carefully selected from local producers, ideal for delicious pasta dishes.


An intense and decisive taste, with a centuries-old history behind it, during which it has conquered artists, poets and writers.


Light-colored and transparent and very fine scent, this honey sweet and delicate flavor is due to the production of more than 1000 hives owned by the company and other small, local, controlled and guaranteed. The craftsmanship, very attentive to the product, allows the preservation of the organoleptic characteristics of this honey by fortifying, especially for children.


Typical Sienese sweets made with almonds, sugar, honey and egg white. According to legend they owe their name to the noble Ricciardetto Gherardesca who, returning from the Crusades, would bring home the recipe for these cakes, perhaps of Arab origin.


The famous Almond Biscotti are the classic version of the biscuits considered originating in the city of Prato, where the "nook" expression was used when the poor offering of the end of a loaf of bread. Ideal to enjoy with Vin Santo, they are among the most famous Tuscan pastries abroad.


Among the Amaretti, this is the classic recipe: prepared by hand using only sweet and bitter almonds, honey and egg white. These soft sweets, whose recipe is very ancient deeply rooted in Italian culinary tradition, Tuscan in particular, are ideal to be enjoyed as an accompaniment to tea or coffee.


Cream-based facial aloe vera and honey with strong moisturizing, nourishing and soothing properties.


Chocolate Amaretti are prepared by hand using sweet and bitter almonds, honey and egg white. These biscuits from very old recipe, rooted in Italian culinary tradition, Tuscan in particular, are made even tastier by the addition of cocoa.


Handmade liqueur obtained from the infusion of mandarin peel in alcohol, ideal to be enjoyed at the end of a meal.


Cream-based artichokes and extra virgin olive Oil, gluten, prepared following artisan working methods, intended to preserve the original taste of raw materials. Suitable for seasoning main dishes and spread on bruschetta and crostini.


Condiment for Bruschetta based on artichokes and extra virgin olive Oil, gluten, prepared following artisan working methods, intended to preserve the original taste of raw materials. Ideal on slices of fresh bread, bruschetta and crostini.


Cream-based artichokes and summer tratufo, gluten, prepared according to methodologies of craft work, aimed at safeguarding the original taste of raw materials. Perfect with crostini, bruschetta, pasta dishes and meat.


The Christmas Gift is composed by an assortment of 8 creams prepared using extra virgin olive oil, following artisan work methods, aimed at safeguarding the original taste of the raw materials. Ideal for seasoning pasta dishes and spread on toasted bread and croutons.

The Christmas box contains:

  • Cream for bruschetta with porcini mushrooms
  • Cream of black olives
  • Cream of green olives
  • Cream for bruschetta with artichokes
  • Cream for tomato bruschetta
  • Cream of asparagus
  • Cream of artichokes
  • Capers paté

Almonds d’Avola variety of Pizzuta, toasted and covered with a thin layer of milk chocolate, capable of enhancing the delicacy and sweetness of this particular type of almond. Coated with powdered sugar, they are a real specialty to be eaten at any time of the day.


Condiment made of balsamic vinegar flavored with white truffle. Ideal for flavoring roasted meat or fish, to dress salads and to make the tastiest cheeses, eggs and cold cuts.


Prepared with Modena balsamic vinegar, concentrated grape must and glucose syrup, this dressing is ideal for flavoring cheeses, red meats and even desserts. The thick consistency allows the cream to remain on the foods, giving its aroma without dripping into the pot.

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