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Tuscan Specialties

Tuscan Specialties

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Selection of three boxes of pasta produced with biological drawn to the bronze flour, crushed stone and dried slowly at low temperature, according to traditional methods. Its natural porosity makes it perfect for absorbing any kind of seasoning.


The Christmas Gift is composed by an assortment of 8 creams prepared using extra virgin olive oil, following artisan work methods, aimed at safeguarding the original taste of the raw materials. Ideal for seasoning pasta dishes and spread on toasted bread and croutons.

The Christmas box contains:

  • Cream for bruschetta with porcini mushrooms
  • Cream of black olives
  • Cream of green olives
  • Cream for bruschetta with artichokes
  • Cream for tomato bruschetta
  • Cream of asparagus
  • Cream of artichokes
  • Capers paté

Selection of two dressings made with basil grown using organic farming methods. Ideal with pasta, also excellent spread on toasted homemade bread.


Selection of three Pesto sauces prepared by hand, without added flavor enhancers, thickeners and other additives. Made with extra virgin olive Oil, they are ideal to flavor pasta dishes and prepare delicious croutons.


Selection of three sauces made from Tuscan basil, processed freshly harvested to preserve all the flavor and original taste. Since typically Mediterranean flavor, made without the addition of colorants and preservatives, are ideal for pasta, as well as to flavor bruschette and croutons.


Selection of two soups prepared with vegetables from organic farming, using extra virgin olive Oil, without the addition of colorants or preservatives. Ready to use, they are ideal as a side dish or to prepare tasty soups.


The Christmas Gift is composed by three classic Tuscan traditional meat sauces, prepared with high quality meat, extra virgin olive oil, vegetables and tomato pulp carefully selected by local producers, ideal for tasty first courses.

The Christmas box contains:

  • Wild boar ragout
  • Chianina ragout
  • Cinta Senese meat sauce